About Us

Johnny Gee's Popcorn Kitchen is the hottest concept to sweep the grocery industry in years! Everybody loves fresh popcorn. Americans alone consume billions of quarts of it each year. So we thought... Why not take the excitement of a Gourmet Popcorn Shop and put it in a 10'5" x 10'5" kiosk right where every family goes... the local grocery store? They say "never to go to the store hungry"... Well this could be double trouble if you have Johnny Gee's at your local store and the tempting aroma of fresh popcorn fills the air. Everyone will be stopping by the kiosk to grab the FRESHEST popcorn around.

It's no joke. The brand and flavors of Johnny Gee's Popcorn were developed using proprietary market research. In other words, REAL CONSUMERS OF GOURMET POPCORN. When you combine great tasting popcorn with the down home flavor of Johnny Gee's, you will attract new customers who'll come back for more!